Our objective is to provide our clients with permanent and effective financial relief.  We offer a free, confidential consultation to examine our clients’ financial situation, and provide a range of options that is right for the client.


Our attorneys defend and obtain settlements in various collections disputes via arbitration, litigation or direct negotiations with credit card companies, mortgage companies and other creditors.  We also assist our client with the IRS and the IDR disputes and offers in compromise.

Elan Law Group provides both, debtor and creditor services to its clients.

We represent both, individuals and businesses in Chapter 7 liquidation, individuals in Chapter 13 repayment plans, and small businesses and individuals in Chapter 11 reorganizations.   Our attorneys have successfully obtained complete discharge of debts for numerous clients in Chapter 7, have successfully confirmed Chapter 13 plans with trustee recommendations, and have successfully obtained confirmation of Chapter 11 small business plans for our clients. 

We also represent creditors in all bankruptcy proceedings, including adversary proceedings, 341(a) hearings, 2004 examinations, plan objections and motions to modify automatic stay.
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